Wild-Foraged Dried Morels

Morchella Wild Foods

Beyond organic. Wild Foraged.

Considered the most rare and exquisite of the wild mushrooms, these are "burn" morels, emerging from the soils of scorched hardwood forests.

Brought to you by Bryan Jessop of Morchella Wild Foods, one of the Bay Area's most respected foragers of wild California produce, providing the top Michelin-rated restaurants with rare foraged goods for years. Previously available only by dining at these restaurants, Prologue Wine Co. is the official place to get these special wild goods.

These dried morels can be replaced at an approximately 10-1 ratio of fresh morels – yes, they're that potent! Soak in clean, cool water for 2-3 hours to rehydrate and save the liquid for a delicious and potent mushroom stock!

Remember – morels must be fully cooked to be edible.

Packed and shipped in 100% biodegradable packaging. Includes free flat-rate shipping nationwide. 

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