Vinhos Fitapreta "A Touriga Vai Nua" 2018

Touriga Nacional|Alentejo

Portugal may be most well-known for its fortified Port wines, but its dry red wines are a source of national pride and absolutely worth getting to know more.

The country is home to hundreds of indigenous grapes you'll barely find outside its borders. This "Touriga Nua" – "Naked Touriga" is a pure, unoaked expression of the mighty Touriga Nacional, one of Portugal's flagship varietals. Touriga Nacional is also found in most Port blends; it's no wonder, then, that you find such bold, assertive notes in this wine of ripe and juicy black fruits, leather, and violet pastille candies.

The soil in this region is schistous granite, part of a geologic formation extending north into the Douro, Vinho Verde, all the way into Galicia, Spain. In my mind, these are one of the most singular soils in the world of wine, transmitting unmistakeable smoked, meaty, flinty aromas and baskets of red and blue flowers.

Founded in 2004 but located on a site dating back to the 13th century, Vinhos FitaPreta is all-in on crafting extremely well-made natural wines from Alentejo. This Touriga is meant to be a pure, unadulterated expression of the grape. What you get is a supreme showcase of flavor and character: those dark blue, plummy fruits, candied blackberry, a hint of grilled meat, gunsmoke, pipe tobacco, and a silky, firm, dry finish.

If you've never experienced Portugal's fantastic array of juicy, dry reds, give this a try – you won't be disappointed!

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