• Vigneti Massa "Pertichetta" 2010

Vigneti Massa "Pertichetta" 2010

Croatina|Colli Tortonesi

Vigneti Massa is run today by Walter Massa, the latest to make wine under his family name in the hills of Tortona since 1879. He's regarded as one of the foremost winemakers in this pocket of Piedmont, northern Italy, and his wines are a staple in nearly every cafe, restaurant, or casual wine bar in Italy. When luxuriating in the mind-blowing cuisine of Piedmont it's not uncommon to see two decades worth of Massa's wines on any list.

This "Pertichetta" is made from Croatina, one of Piedmont's "other" grapes, found mostly in the hills of Tortona (the Colli Tortonesi). It's a fascinating grape, with plenty of tart acid in its youth and capable of long aging.

At the decade mark it's showing some lovely developed aromas of dried anise, black licorice, dark fruit and lots of savory, earthy notes of potpourri, sandalwood, and dried leather. From the deep black color with garnet highlights to the smoky, seductive nose, this wine is peaking right now and a great value relative to its maturity!

It's said Croatina contains the second-highest amount of natural melatonin, second only to Nebbiolo – so there's your answer if you have good dreams after enjoying it!

If you like aged, deeply structured and super-savory Italian reds then don't miss this gem!

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