• Vera Vinho Verde Rosé 2019

Vera Vinho Verde Rosé 2019

Traditional Blend|Vinho Verde, Portugal

Vinho Verde, literally "green wine" or "young wine," is the name of a wine region in Minho, northern Portugal. It derives its name not from the color but from its tradition of being drunk young.

One can also imagine it's a nod to the lush, verdant countryside of northern Portugal, bordering Galicia in Spain. The rainy, mountainous terrain is cool, wet, and covered in vines. In fact, the Minho region and its Vinho Verde wines are the earliest records of wine being praised, nearly 2000 years ago by Seneca and Pliny the Elder.

Most people don't realize that Vinho Verde comes in many forms; from spritzy whites and rosé like this to light reds and even dessert wine, it's a diverse wine region worthy of a permanent place in your fridge or your cellar. They're fun, affordable everyday wines you can pop with abandon.

Vera's Vinho Verde Rosé is a bright, juicy raspberry sipper with pink floral notes, lip-smacking cranberry fruit and a hint of spritz common among these wines. Its convenient screwcap makes for easy access, too.

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