• Valdesil "Valderroa Carballo" 2016

Valdesil "Valderroa Carballo" 2016

Mencía|Valdeorras, Spain

From Galicia, in northwestern Spain, known as "Green Spain," the Mencía grape is king. The best produce fragrant, complex and herbal-tinted wines with a savory edge, making them perfectly suited for the local xamón asado – roasted pork leg cooked in a clay pot with garlic, oregano, and bay.

Oak in wine is a tool, something to complement a good wine. When used judiciously it can enhance or augment a wine's inherent qualities. When overused it can wash out any of the characteristics and come off one dimensional. To that end, Valdesil's Mencía is aged for 16 months in neutral oak barrels, allowing the wonderful characteristics to broaden and round out without overwhelming its fragrant, black cherry jam and red blossom notes. There's no mistaking the purity and elegance of their up-to-90 year-old vines and premium terroir here.

The granite soils impart an unmistakeable mineral grit accompanied by soft lilacs, silky blue-black fruit and a really pleasant juicy core. The finish is all crushed black rocks wrapped around juicy summer red plums, with a hint of dark chocolate. Plush, tart, juicy, and floral – it reveals a new side with every sip.

If you're a fan of juicy California reds, I dare you to try this Spanish red – it has sexy, juicy bursting fruit but comes in a lighter, sure-footed package. Free shipping on 6+ bottles!

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