• Vadin-Plateau, "Renaissance" 1er Cru Extra Brut Champagne MV

Vadin-Plateau, "Renaissance" 1er Cru Extra Brut Champagne MV

Pinot Meunier|Champagne, France

Our never ending quest for the finest artisanal, grower Champagne has led us to the discovery of one of the most compelling we’ve tasted in quite a while.  

The house of Vadin-Plateau is run by Yann Vadin, the ninth generation of his family to do so since its founding in 1785 (!) in the prestigious village of Cumières.

Some twenty-plus years ago, Yann's father initiated viticulture biologique (organic farming) in a prescient move. The practice is carried on today by Yann, who has delved all the way into biodynamics as well. So all processes in the vineyard and winery are chemical-free and so-called "natural," with none of the trendy millennial baggage so many of today's wines have.

Based on 100% Pinot Meunier (a cousin to the noble Pinot Noir and an important grape in Champagne) from their familial vineyards in the  premier-cru villages of Cumières, the hand harvested fruit is treated with the utmost care and production is severely limited. It’s rare to find 100% Pinot Meunier from this area, and Yann brilliantly showcases the grape in all its natural glory.

In the glass you’ll discover a beautiful copper color verging on rose gold, a result of the red-skinned Pinot Meunier grape's subtle influence. The nose is exotic, complex, and deep, with the full range of what perfumers call the top, middle, and base notes comprising warm vetiver spice, jasmine, honeysuckle, ripe raspberries, vanilla bean, red apple skin, and wet rocks. Ripe, rich, yet taut, this is a full-spectrum tour de force Champagne you don't want to miss.

It’s a bone-dry extra brut, with a whisper-light dosage of a mere 2g/l, reflected in the wine’s gorgeous acid structure and profound minerality. From the first sip to the long, lingering finish Yann’s “Renaissance” is a shining testament to the power of organic farming and careful craftsmanship the ever-expanding grower Champagne movement is enabling. Free shipping on a mere three bottles ensures easy access, but we recommend going deeper on this wonderful, rare creation. Cheers!

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