• Vadiaperti Coda di Volpe 2019

Vadiaperti Coda di Volpe 2019

Coda di Volpe|Campania, Italy

For as long as we’ve loved Italian wine, Campania has been synonymous with some of the finest volcanic examples anywhere. Pliny the Elder sang the praises of ancient Roman “Falernian” wine, whose origins might have included the Coda di Volpe grape; indeed one of its synonyms is “Falerno!”

Coda di Volpe, both the region and the grape name here, means the "tail of the fox," perhaps due to the shape of the grape cluster, but no one can say for sure. Run today by Raffaele Troisi, Vadiaperti’s vineyards of Coda di Volpe check off all the boxes for what Campanian white wine should be: a blend of ashy volcanic soils and the unique chalky tufo soil, super high elevations (more than 2000 feet above the valley!), and natural fermentation in stainless steel to capture all the peach-pit, herb-laden, stony, cut-flower aspects of the grape. With each smell there’s more...is that hazelnut? Green herbs? Lime peel? White peach? So much going on!

This is for lovers of brisk, easy-sipping white wine to pair with all things bright and salty; Asiago cheese or salty, peppery cacio e pepe pasta come to mind. 

A bevy of 90-plus scores solidify the wine’s recognition. Previous vintages consistently hit the 91-95 marks – their 2019 hasn’t been submitted but rest assured it’s no less superb. And remarkably, the price remains an approachable $19. What more could we ask?!

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