• Toreta, "Special" Pošip 2020

Toreta, "Special" Pošip 2020


Say it with me now – Poe-ship!

From the island of Korčula, on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, we bring you a bracing and invigorating coastal white wine from the native Pošip grape.

Korčula is an island paradise, just a short ferry ride from mainland Croatia. It’s full of pine forests and wild scrub of rosemary, olive trees, and fragrant myrtle. With westward views of the Italian coastline, for four centuries the Korčula isle was, in fact, part of the Venetian empire! It’s a classic Mediterranean island, relaxed and slow, famed for its bounty of seafood and local island white wines. Most of these wines never leave their immediate environs; quantity is so low and demand so high there’s hardly any need to look beyond their borders for export. Toreta's American importer, however, is fanatical about these delicious creations and we’re ever grateful to have them.

Native to the island of Korčula, Pošip is a heady, productive varietal, capable of both high ripeness and high levels of acidity. The result is something akin to the saline, explosive whites from Santorini, Greece, or a pungent Malrborough Sauvignon Blanc. Pop the cork and discover grapefruit pith, nectarine pit, stony wet rocks, and a hint of that bracing Adriatic salinity that pairs so well with crab cakes, lobster rolls, or salty grilled veggies with spiced yogurt. A natural accompaniment for a summery beach day, it pairs just as easily with wintry oysters or as an early-evening aperitif, any time of the year.

Proprietor Frano Banicević is the fifth generation to run his family winery; everything is sustainable, responsible, and non-dogmatic. Journey to the Adriatic from the comfort of your home with this delicious, rare island white!

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