Tessier "Zabala Vineyard" Riesling 2017

Arroyo Seco|Monterey County

Dry, fresh, and full of lively citrus oil, stone fruit, and minerals, today's natural Riesling absolutely overachieves for the price. 

Kristie Tacey, owner and winemaker of Tessier, has been making standout wines for more than a decade, and has been a vanguard for the natural wine movement before it even had a name. She makes wine in an entirely hands-off fashion, allowing the terroir to speak for itself. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Her wines are marked by their high acidity and low alcohol, and this Riesling is no exception, clocking in at a modest, balanced 12.5%.

This wine is dry––no residual sugar whatsoever––and full of electricity, texture, and aromatic richness. The acidity zips up and down your tongue, followed by chamomile, ginger, stone fruits, and lemon-lime spritz. 

The Zabala vineyard produces amazing Riesling, full of life, energy, and electricity. The vineyard's abundance of polished river stones add a deep minerality to the wine. Planted in 1972, it's one of the oldest independently-owned sites in Monterey. The vineyard is certified organic and integrates numerous sustainability programs into their business and practices, including biodiversity efforts, clean water programs, and research efforts for future generations.

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