Tatomer "Kick-On Ranch" Pinot Noir 2018

Santa Barbara County

Graham Tatomer started his winery in 2008 with the sole focus on Riesling from cool sites in and around Santa Barbara. Having worked under the distinguished Emmerich Knoll, in Austria (one of the finest artisans out there), he came away inspired to craft wines from the noble Riesling and Gruner Veltliner grapes from unique sites in California. Since then, he’s expanded his portfolio to include Pinot Noir like this mind-blowing expression from the wonderful Kick-On Ranch vineyard in Santa Barbara. 

Kick-On is one of the coolest (literally and figuratively), and most highly-sought-after vineyards in the Central Coast. Nestled in the tiny town of Los Alamos, it sits on an ancient sand dune and receives a daily blast of frigid sea fog and wind channeled up the river valleys it sits between. The vines are intermingled with wild desert scrub, part of a protected conservation area home to a bevy of native flora and fauna. Organic farming is carefully balanced with the surrounding native wildlife. 

Allow us to share Wine Enthusiast's 95-point review with you:

Light in the glass, this single-vineyard expression blasts off on its fabulous nose with snappy atoms of rose petal, hibiscus, red fruit, baked earth, wild thyme and dried tarragon. The palate is lively with cran-raspberry flavors as well as sagebrush and desert scrub, all clinging to a tightly woven frame.

The wine is only getting started, and rave reviews for the 2018 vintage continue to roll in. Savor this now and for another five years; it ages like a fine Burgundy!

I’ve poured Tatomer wines for years at the various restaurants throughout my career and we’re overjoyed to share this Pinot with you – upon release it was almost all snatched up by my wonderful colleagues re-opening their restaurants; we had to fight tooth and nail to get what we have!

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