Surrau Cannonau di Sardegna 2019

Cannonau|Sardinia, Italy

You can never have enough fresh, spicy reds from the Mediterranean! This lovely $19 summertime juicy baby from Sardinia is bound to put a smile on your face.

The native flora of the Mediterranean is a huge source of pride for its inhabitants. Coveted, protected, and if you ask a local, a fundamental constituent of the food and drink culture and everyday life. That flora consists of dense evergreen shrubs: cork oak trees,, rosemary, lilac, wild thyme, violets, and olives called macchia mediterranea, paired with glimmering bays and rocky reefs. It's not uncommon to pick up hints of this perfumed scrubland in the finished wines!

Don’t let the name fool or lead you astray: Cannonau is the Sardinian synonym for Grenache, a fundamental building block of the Mediterranean trinity of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre; in the southern Rhone it forms the “G” part of the G.S.M. blend and is ubiquitous, from humble Cotes-du-Rhone to the most towering Chateauneuf-du-Pape. On its own, Surrau’s Cannonau vibrates with fleshy candied sour cherry, silky raspberry fruits, and soft violet floral aromas. Ripe figs and a peppery rose petal note complement juicy tannins and a bright, lively finish. Keeping true to form in its style, it’s completely unoaked, laying bare its Sardinian terroir in full splendor. 

Vigne Surrau, so named for the surrounding Surrau Valley, is in the drop-dead gorgeous Costa Smeralda – the Emerald Coast – in the northeast corner of the island’s famed Gallura appellation. Still to this day, it’s a virtually-unspoiled natural majesty in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Wines like this are an integral part of everyday life. Ask any of the Sardinian diaspora what they’re most proud of, and their wines will inevitably be at the top of the list!

Put a slight chill on it and take it outdoors: from a sunny day at the park grilling to your next camping trip, this is an affordable, fun red to keep the party going!

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