Son Of A Son Aglianico 2016

Aglianico|Paso Robles

Paso Robles is one of the most dynamic, exciting regions in the Central Coast today. Look hard enough and you'll find compelling wines that defy the over-extracted, alcoholic stereotypes so common today.

This is where Chris Ferrara, winemaker for this Aglianico, comes in. He is of Sicilian heritage and one of the foremost proponents of southern-Italian varieties in and around the cooler Templeton Gap subregion in Paso Robles. The methods he employs echo those used in the old world for centuries before: organic farming, working by hand in the vineyard, and minimum intervention in the winery.

Aglianico is a serious Italian grape, most often found in the south, and Italians are fiercely proud of it. In Ferrara's hands it shines.

One immediately grasps the difference. Whereas a typical red wine from Paso pours out inky and opaque, this is a light-ruby color, lithe and fresh on the nose, reminiscent of crushed raspberries, mint, cinnamon, anise, and licorice. It's shockingly refreshing, with restrained tannin and bright acidity. This is a fresh, medium-bodied red, tailor-made for the grill or enjoying on its own without fatiguing your palate or staining your teeth purple. It defies expectations and sets a new standard for the type of reds Paso is capable of. 

"I have worked with these vineyards for over 20 years now; I truly do believe in their farming practices and sustainability."

– Chris Ferrara, winemaker

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