SanCarlo Rosso di Montalcino 2017

Sangiovese|Montalcino, Tuscany

From Montalcino, the home of Brunello and the lovely Sangiovese grape, comes this gorgeous, concentrated, pure rosso from the prestigious SanCarlo.

Not all Sangiovese here is equal – the topography and microclimates range from the ideal slopes in the northeast near the town of Montalcino to flatter, warmer, and less ideal to the south. Quality and style tends to vary widely, which is why it pays to know your producers well! The SanCarlo estate lies just 1 km from Gianfranco Soldera; if you know Brunello, you might know the noble house of Soldera, one of the most storied producers of rare and collectible wine in Tuscany, if not the entire wine world. Quite the neighbors and world-class terroir.

You won't find any new oak here – SanCarlo prefers large, old Slavonian botti for their Brunello, and all tank for this rosso. This is amazing considering the rich, luxurious flavors at work here.

The etymology of "Sangiovese" – the "Blood of Jove" – is incredibly apt here: bold notes of black plum, blood orange, black tea, iron, and ripe raspberry jump out of the glass. New oak would only obscure these dark, layered, yet fresh flavors that stand so firmly on their own. Close your eyes and you'd be hard-pressed to pin this as "only" a rosso and not a full-fledged Brunello for twice the price. 

Simply some deliciously concentrated, fragrant, incredibly layered Sangiovese made by family hands from world-class terroir! Enjoy!

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