• Rose & Son "Coquelicot Estate Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Rose & Son "Coquelicot Estate Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Santa Ynez Valley

A few stats about Cabernet Sauvignon: it's the most popular red grape in California, with Napa at the top. Despite its ubiquity, it's wildly susceptible to speculation and mania; throw a stone in Napa and you're bound to hit a bottle of trophy Cabernet fetching an easy four figures!

But Napa Valley doesn't have a monopoly on fine Cabernet. Take this gorgeous example from the Coquelicot Estate Vineyard, in Santa Ynez Valley. Coquelicot is a French red poppy flower; the vineyard name has perked many a sommelier's ear for some time now. I have fond memories of pouring a dozen different cuvées and vintages tableside during my days on the floor. 

This well-rounded, fleshy, complex bottling delighted us in a recent blind tasting. It's hard to avoid superlatives – it's that delicious. The nose starts off with vivid cherry candy, black licorice, and anise; it hits the palate with mouth-coating blueberry pie, brandied cherry, loads of sweet herbs (think basil and tarragon), and black olive tapenade. All wrapped in a 13.7% abv package.

Rose & Son is a riff on owners Bernie and Jonathan Rosenson's name, the father-and-son team who've worked side-by-side for over a decade, not only at the Coquilecot Estate vineyard but running the Mirabelle Inn, a fantastic boutique B&B and restaurant in nearby Solvang. Mike Roth, head winemaker, has some serious chops too, working at Saddleback with the famed Nils Venge and Mike Grgich of Grgich Hills. His talent shines through in this organic, approachable, yet very serious Cabernet.

$30/bottle is a downright steal for high-quality, hands-off Cali Cab – free shipping on six! 

Free shipping on six bottles