Ronchi Barbaresco 2016

Nebbiolo|Piedmont, Italy

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In his seminal 1984 book, "On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore Of The Kitchen," author Harold McGee describes the myriad smells of cooking as the “mundane yet revelatory things that fill our lives.”

So, too, it can be said about wine. How something as mundane as fermented grape juice blossoms into such a revelatory wonder is still sometimes beyond me. This superb Nebbiolo from the Ronchi estate, in Barbaresco, is just such an example.

"Ronchi" is not only the name of the winery; it's also the name of the vineyard and one of a handful of top sites in Barbaresco. Proprietor Giancarlo Rocca lives literally atop the vineyard where his family has resided for the past four generations.  

Suffused with generous red flower aromas of violets and rose petals, the finish is a soft caress on the palate. The comparison to a fine Burgundy Pinot Noir here is apt; it's a curvy, flowing wine that is delicate yet assertive. Exotic spice aromatics, red berried fruit, balanced acidity, a subtle leather-earthiness and suave tannins make for a beautiful drinking experience from the first pull of the cork to the last glorious sip. 

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