Rita & Rudolf Trossen "Schieferblume" Riesling 2017

Mosel, Germany

Bone dry organic Riesling from wife-and-husband farmers in the Mosel. Exclusively from Prologue Wine Co.!

Rita and Rudolf Trossen's estate is located in the "Middle Mosel," the 120 km-long heart of the steep, winding Mosel river in Germany. Here you'll find the distinctive blue and grey slate soils, vertiginous slopes, and a bevy of fine artisans making some of the finest Riesling in the world.

The Trossens converted their vineyards to biodynamic farming in 1978, an absolutely incredible and prescient move. To this day, the only treatments used in the vineyards are herbal teas, mineral preparations, and other natural remedies according to the lunar cycle; zero chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, or any other "cides" are used. The results can be found from the diverse ecology in the vines – rabbits, emerald-green lizards, wild boar, and owls all cohabitate – as well as the striking, defined wines produced.

This is their "Schieferblume" Riesling, meaning the "flower of the slate." It's made in a trocken style – completely dry and mineral fresh. Precise contours of lemon-lime, elderflower, mandarin peel, and oodles of that iconic slate soil abound. With air, it diffuses wonderful aromas of smokey, flinty, rain-on-slate, and lemon peel. You'll be hard pressed to find better organic dry Riesling for less. Cheers!

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