Pierre Riffault "La Croix de Chambre" Sancerre 2014

Sauvignon Blanc|Loire Valley

Reserve Sancerre from the epic Riffault family! 

"This wine completely subverts the notion that all white wine must be consumed early. I have had the pleasure of tasting aged Sancerre back to the 1980s and find them to be profoundly exciting. This aged Sancerre awakens the palate and is an intense tasting experience!"

-Zach Pace, founder

The wines of Pierre Riffault are some of the most sought-after Sancerres on the market. This is a unique, concentrated cuvée and an entirely new tasting experience, not for the faint of heart. You can immediately see the difference in the glass, as it throws of coppery-gold glints hinting at its age.

It smells of rocks, rocks, and rocks, with nectarine, orange zest, jalapeño, honeyed lemon, and green apple skin. The fruit texture on the palate is tremendous, as if all the fruit and mineral concentration was simmered in a pot and reduced down to its most intense flavors.

The "Croix du Chambre" is a single vineyard of 55 year-old vines, singled out by Bertrand Riffault to be vinified and aged separately, deliberately held back to age in bottle before release. The production is infinitesimal and allocated; out of the mere 150 cases or so made every year, most of it goes to the bevy of Michelin restaurants in France and only a tiny portion comes stateside.

A wine like this begs for rich, intense foods – think outside the box, like herbed pork tenderloin with butter-braised apples and honey. This wine will take any amount of salt and fat you throw at it.

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