Jean-François Quénard Crémant de Savoie "Cuvée Entre Amis"

Jacquère Blend|Savoie, France

Savoie remains one of the most exciting, unsung regions of France, known for its bracing, fragrant wines of all shades. Jean-François Quénard is a standard-nearer for the region, the real deal; the domain has been producing wine for 376 years – not a typo!

The blend is 60% Jacquère – the local Savoie variety everyone should be drinking more of – with 20% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir, made in the "méthode traditonelle" (Champagne method) of producing sparkling wine in France.

In classic Savoie fashion, this wine explodes with those rugged mountainous notes of white flowers, chalk, snappy D'Anjou pear, and a stony, lemon-peel zestiness like drinking snowmelt from a mountain stream. 

This is their "Brut Zero" bottling, which means no sugar added, making for the driest-of-the-dry finishes. Zippy, fresh, and bracing, this Champagne-method sparkler hits all the high notes. For the history and care that goes into this wine, it seriously overdelivers for a modest $25/bottle. Free shipping on six!

Free shipping on six bottles