• Ptujska Klet "Pullus" Pinot Noir 2018

Ptujska Klet "Pullus" Pinot Noir 2018

Štajerska, Slovenia

Štajerska, Slovenia: a region also known as Slovenian Styria, whose winemaking culture dates to 400 B.C., has seen a fantastic evolution from Communist Republic as part of Yugoslavia to its current Republic.

Until the '70s, wine was viewed as a bulk commodity, pumping out as much quantity as possible. As the country lurched towards independence and reentry into world markets, producers focused on quality, not quantity. Today one can find myriad small, independent estates like Ptujska Klet crafting natural, organic wines at insanely affordable prices relative to their quality. More and more, Slovenian wine is proving itself to be a strong competitor on the world's stage.

The winery is located in Ptuj, Slovenia's oldest town, which has been continuously inhabited for nearly two millennia. Their "Pullus" Pinot Noir is not only an insane value but also textbook old world Pinot Noir through-and-through. Notes of black damson plum, dried cherry, rosewater, and warm tilled earth fill the nose. Its vinification in stainless steel and used barrique uphold the Pinot purity, with velvety tannins, great fruit texture and lip-smacking tart acidity.

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