Pierre Riffault, "Les 7 Hommes" Sancerre Rosé 2021

Pinot Noir|Loire Valley, France

Spring and summer means Sancerre season! The Sancerre regions, and its white wines from Sauvignon Blanc are some of the most in-demand and endlessly pleasing drinks out there. But did you know they come in two more shades: rosé and red? 

The wines of Pierre Riffault are some of the most sought-after Sancerres on the market. Their flagship cuvée, dubbed "Les 7 Hommes," is a fabulous rosé from Pinot Noir from steep slopes in their home village of Verdigny. Sancerre is classically a flatter region, pockmarked with coveted steep slopes as depicted on their label.

Raised in stainless steel and bottled quickly, the wine shows a brilliant ruby in the glass and shows of an exotic nose of spring flowers, pink peppercorn, summer berries, and rose petal with spine-tingling nerve and unmistakeable minerality, complements to the Kimmeridgian clay, limestone soils throughout this iconic region.

Their vineyards amount to a mere 10 hectares, of which only 2 hectares or so are devoted to Pinot Noir. Most of their tiny production goes to the bevy of Michelin restaurants in France and only a tiny portion comes stateside.

We got what we could, so don't miss this fresh-off-the-boat sensational rosé to enjoy all season long!

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