• Pierre Gobillard Brut "Authentique" Champagne MV

Pierre Gobillard Brut "Authentique" Champagne MV

Pinot Noir/Chardonnay Blend|Champagne

You'll find the family house of Pierre Gobillard based in Hautvillers, the birthplace of Dom Pérignon, where they have produced fine Champagne for four generations, going on five with the addition of their two children. They're one of the few independent farmers in this region – the LVMH conglomerate (owner of the Dom Pèrignon brand) has gobbled up the majority of vineyards in Hautvillers.

Along with his wife Florence, Hervé Gobillard owns vineyards in both Hautvillers and nearby Cumières, both Premier Cru-rated villages. They reserve the absolute best fruit for their own bottlings, selling the remainder to the large houses that find their way into bog-box chain stores and major labels. Bound by contract, Gobillard can't disclose who they sell to, but I'm sure you have a clue, given the proximity of their neighbors and the prestige Hautvillers implies. Regardless of who their clients are, we can thank them for helping to subsidize this tremendous value! 

This prestigious Champagne has all one hopes for: crushed rocks, lemon zest, lime peel, and fresh croissants with a cool, refreshing, zippy finish. We could go on and on...

The LVMH conglomerate has likened Dom Pérignon to the "Father of Champagne." While he was certainly influential, he played but a part in its evolution to what we know of it now. Gobillard pays homage to that spirit in the depiction of brother Pérignon himself on the label.

Just pure, delicious and crisp Champagne for half the price of the bigger players in town, only available here!

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