Pertois-Moriset, Grower Champagne Two-Pack

Incredible, Limited Duo of Grower Champagnes

A showcase of two beautiful expressions of Champagne from the family-run Pertois-Moriset estate, including their elusive, impossibly limited 2015 Grand Cru Special Club bottling! Don't miss this!!!

Founded in 1951 by husband and wife Yves Pertois and Janine Moriset, the domaine is still family run by their granddaughter Cécile, along with her husband Vincent Bauchet. They are true "grower-producers," making epic Champagne from vineyards they own. Farming is meticulously sustainable, with many organic influences in the vineyard and natural practices in the cellar. This is as far from mass-produced, corporate wine as it gets and one of my personal favorite growers. 

This rare, limited two-pack includes: 


Coming in at 50/50% Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the hills known as the Coteaux Sézannais, this is a multi-vintage ("MV") Champagne that captures the finest blends of their familial vineyards and the terroir of the Vallée du Marne. Bottled with an imperceptible 1 gram/liter dosage, it comes in as an electrified ultra-brut, with fierce minerality and layers of terroir. Up to 30% of the blend comes from their perpetual reserve wines from older vintages, aged in oak barrels, while the remaining comes from recent vintages aged in stainless steel for an ideal blend of profound depth, coupled with lithe minerality and electric acidity.


Ah, the Special Club. Officially known as the  Club Trésors de Champagne, the coalition is comprised of grower-producers – Champagne houses who produce wine from strictly their own vineyards. Exclusive doesn't even begin to describe the club – out of the thousands of growers in Champagne, there are only currently just twenty-eight members, Pertois-Moriset among them. One of these producers' "Special Club" bottling is identified by the unique bottle shape and must be a vintage-dated Champagne. They undergo multiple tastings before the panel and must be of the highest quality to qualify. 

This 2015 Special Club bottling is 100% Chardonnay (a Blanc de Blancs) from just four tiny plots in the Grand Cru village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, indisputably the king of the Blanc de Blancs terroir in Champagne. The wine is fermented in a blend of oak and steel, aged for an incredible sixty months in bottle before disgorging with a minuscule 2 grams/liter dosage, making it an Extra Brut style. In the 2015 vintage the raw power of Le Mesnil is on full display, with searing acidity and never-ending minerality, fierce green apple and salted pear, finishing with a savory, long oyster-shell completion paired with crystallized ginger and wet rocks. Just amazing.

We are the only lucky purveyor to receive an allocation, outside of a few recipients in New York. We begged and pleaded for the tiny amount we got, and decided to pair this grand creation with their beautiful "L'Assemblage" to showcase two expressions of their priceless terroir.

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