Musella, Amarone della Valpolicella 2014

Corvina Blend|Veneto, Italy

In fair Verona where we set our scene, we bring you a heady, powerful aged wine from the biodynamic estate of Azienda Agricola Musella, run by the Pasqua Di Bisceglie family.

Valpolicella, known as the "Valley of Many Cellars," is home to the prestigious Amarone, a wine produced by drying ultra-ripe grapes in the appassimento process, a painstakingly slow method of drying grapes in small wooden boxes until most of the water is gone, thereby concentrating and intensifying the flavors. Once the shriveled, intense grapes are pressed it's a glorious, heady nectar that's released. The result is a rich, ripe, full-bodied wine evocative of dark, brooding aromas and flavors. 

In Musella's capable hands you'll discover a wine perfectly suited to bold wintry cuisine, but with such impeccable balance and harmony, this is a wine for any lover of bold reds – anytime. Deep exotic notes of sandalwood, dried plum, savory warm spices, blackberry and fig abound, with a mouth-coating, suave fruit core and lush tannins that keep pace with the port-like finish.

The specific blend here is 45% Corvina, 45% Corvinone, 5% Rondinella, 5% Oseleta, a wonderful grab-bag of classic Venetian varietals that make Amarone so unique and wonderful. These indigenous grapes are hardly found outside the Veneto, making these wines all the more precious and rare.

In keeping with centuries of tradition, Musella's estate is a poly-cultural undertaking, intermixing vines with olive groves and fruit trees. Their farming is 100% biodynamic, eschewing any use of artificial fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, etc. It's a paradisiacal estate, with vibrant agriturismo offerings. Stay on the property, enjoy their wines, fruit, and olive oil while fly-fishing and hiking the Valpolicella hills nearby.

Throw it in a decanter for a couple hours and it unfolds beautifully. Wines of this majesty and mouth-coating complexity go perfectly with osso bucco: slow braised lamb or veal shank slathered in gremolata, a parsley-garlic-lemon garnish. And at a nice eight years of age it's only starting to reveal its complexity and depth, so feel free to cellar for another decade with splendid results. Cheers!


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