• Domaines et Terroirs du Sud, Maury 1928

Domaines et Terroirs du Sud, Maury 1928

Grenache Blend|Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Wait, what? YES – this is not a typo! A perfectly-preserved fortified wine from the south of France at a price 50% less than anywhere else

Maury is a region in the Languedoc-Roussillon, hugging the Mediterranean and straddling Spain. It’s a vin doux naturel, France’s answer to Port. The process and its wines were born from the era when wines were shipped in the holds of galleon ships to colonies and foreign markets abroad. By fortifying the wines (adding a measure of alcohol), they became stronger and evolved through its journey.

1928 saw the 22nd edition of the Tour de France; the completion of Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan factory, then the largest of its kind in the world; Amelia Earhart became the first woman to complete a transatlantic flight; and the U.S. was in the darkest depths of Prohibition. France was in its idyllic interwar period, blissfully unaware of the conflagrations ahead. Most farmers at this time did not make wine under their own label, but rather brought their fruit to a local co-op. 

In the fall of 1928, very ripe Grenache grapes of all three shades (Noir, Blanc, and Gris) were fermented, then fortified with neutral grape brandy to halt the fermentation process and retain some residual sugar. The wine sat in glass demijohns and demi-muid barrels, aging undisturbed for decades, until Domaines et Terroirs du Sud discovered the wines, then bottled and labeled them for export in 2020. 

You’ll find this wine to be a deep, tawny color with loads of subtle, well-developed notes of potpourri, rose petals, deep butterscotch, burnt sugar, roasted nuts, and preserved apricot. It’s actually quite dry on the palate, all things considered, with a firm tannic foundation and deep nutty finish. Absolutely incredible.

And just like the finest Port, this fortified wine is a unique product of its long aging/winemaking regime and a snapshot of French wine from a bygone era. IF you can find it elsewhere, it will set you back an eye-popping $550/bottle, but not here! We acquired just a handful of bottles, so don’t hesitate to grab this painfully rare, collectible wine at a great value relative to its scarcity and story!

These wines are shipped and stored using 100% temperature-controlled trucks, and we will include ice packs at no extra charge to keep the wine fresh and cool for the entire journey.

NOTE: we may opt to hold shipment until the temperatures in your region are just right. And as always, we HIGHLY encourage you to opt for the insurance for this to protect your investment.

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