Masseria Li Veli Rosato di Susumaniello 2020

Susumaniello|Puglia, Italy

Masseria Li Veli's rosato is here, fresh off the boat! Each year we have to clamor for what little of this gorgeous wine is available.

Susumaniello (soo-soo-mahn-YELLO) is the grape, one of Puglia's lesser-known but prized varieties, responsible for strapping, robust reds as well as this delicious pink wine, gently pressed off its skins and fermented naturally in stainless steel. We just call it soo-soo!

Let's get straight to it. A shimmering salmon-pink with glints of ruby in the glass, the aroma is pure summer: pink flowers, cranberry candies, rosehips, violet pastille, melon, yellow peach, and a cooling mineral finish, like a plunge into the ocean. I guarantee you'll fall in love from the first pull of the cork to the last pour (which goes down all to quickly and easily, so load up – you won't regret it)!

Masseria Li Veli is a historic farm and winery in the village of Salento, in Puglia – the limestone fossil-studded southern "heel" of Italy's boot. Their site boasts over two millennia of Greek, Roman and Italian history – it's been continuously inhabited since at least the third century B.C.!. This delicious rosato (Italian rosé) is part of their "Askos" series, paying homage to the area's Greek roots and ancient-world varieties.

While some producers are experimenting with non-native varieties, Masseria Li Veli focuses on their native grapes (such as Susumaniello), evocative of the sunny, dry landscape strewn with vines, olives, and wild scrub, relentlessly buffeted by oceanic winds. One glance at the Ionian Sea lapping against the Pugliese coastline shows why this area has been treasured for centuries. The mild winters and hot, dry summers make for an ideal grape-growing climate. Each sip of this wine propels me back to this awe-inspiring coast, its sun, its bounty of seafood. Enjoy!

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