• Manzone, "Rosserto" Rossese Bianco 2017

Manzone, "Rosserto" Rossese Bianco 2017

Rossese Bianco|Langhe, Piedmont

A rare and exotic white wine from the foot of the Italian Alps!

Rossese Bianco (Ro-SESS-eh) is perhaps one of the most rare grapes in all of Piedmont. Without getting too geeky, there are other grapes of the same name throughout Italy (and a little in France) – however these grapes are not related at all! In fact, there is scant evidence that this grape has ever ventured beyond just a handful of communes in the UNESCO "Heritage Site" Langhe region of Piedmont.

Giovanni Manzone is one of the few who cultivates Rossese Bianco. With this "Rosserto" bottling, he treats it almost like a fine white Burgundy, fermenting naturally in stainless steel, then aging in large old oak barrel for a year to develop the round, rich exotic flavors here. It has quince, ripe nectarine, honeysuckle, and wonderful woodsy notes of wintergreen, almond, earthy straw, and balsam fir needle. It's a high-acid, wonderfully rich style that completely encapsulates the base, middle and top notes with harmony and balance.


Manzone Giovanni (the Piedmontese tend to endearingly reverse the order of their names) is a family-run affair in Monforte d'Alba, one of the most respected crus (wine-growing region) in Barolo, which is part of the larger Langhe region in Piedmont. They make wines the old-fashioned way: no chemicals or artificial yeasts, organic farming, and low-sulfur, unfiltered bottlings to preserve the indigenous character of their land. Their Nebbiolo-based Barolos are some of the most collectible, sought after reds in Barolo, and their whites are without a doubt world-class.

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