Domaine de Maison Neuve, Cahors 2012

Malbec|Cahors, France

Long before there was Argentine Malbec, the wines of Cahors in southwest France – the glorious sud-ouest – produced hearty, full-flavored wines from its native Malbec grape. Lesser known today, it once outshined Bordeaux in its reach and fame. In fact, in order to keep Bordeaux’s wines competitive there was a law on the books prohibiting the sale of any sud-ouest wine until every last drop of Bordeaux left the docks!

Domaine de Maison Neuve’s Malbec is textbook. Discover a still-brilliant ruby with garnet reflections, with notes of woodsmoke, brambly blackberry, plums, coffee, black tea, and herbal bay-leaf inflections. It’s smooth and suave with that classic mulberry-peppery spice note and silky smooth tannins.

Cahors is found along the river Lot, a tributary of the Garonne river winding through Bordeaux, emptying into the Atlantic. Its proximity to the river both moderates the climate and provides access to shipping wines upriver to Bordeaux and beyond. It’s along the Lot river we find the Delmouly family, Michèle, Bernard, and their son Cyrille; their family has been farming in Cahors for an incredible, unbroken 221 years. A true family affair with a deep tradition in the region. 

When Maison Neuve's importer rang me with this wine, I almost jumped out of my seat – perfectly aged Malbec, at this price? I almost thought a decimal point had been left off. Authentic, hearty, deeply satisfying Malbec at such a modest price is a rare thing indeed. There are no smoke and mirrors here, just good honest wine that over-delivers for its price. Enjoy!

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