• Lumen "Starry" Rosé 2018

Lumen "Starry" Rosé 2018

Grenache-Pinot Noir|Santa Barbara County

Whispering in his ear

My magic potion for love

Telling him, I'm sincere

And that there's nothing too good for us

And I just got to be me, free, free

... can you hear the melody? Something about this wine gives me romantic disco vibes; I can't quite put my finger on it, but Deniece Williams voice is as close as it gets. Link to the sound here, you're welcome.

Lumen wines is a collaboration between owners Lane Tanner and Will Henry with a Scottie Pippin-level assist from Justin Trabue. They set out to make a lively and complex wine. If the singing didn't give it away, they succeeded. Lumen wines are easy to love and drink as they sit at the perfect alcohol level. Their commitment to keeping healthy winemaking practices and sustainable sourcing grapes makes this an easy purchase.

The color of this wine is a deep blush reminiscent of Provence and keeping with the theme it's 100% Grenache. Grenache, while now a fan favorite, is a varietal that needs special attention to make sure you pull out the right flavors and have balanced acidity. Lumen has done this in a way that almost seems effortless. At the first nose, you get subtle hints of grapefruit before the smell of fresh strawberries, watermelon, and rhubarb fill your nose. Put it to your lips, and the texture is so soft and luscious it basically holds you hostage. The label should read "upon opening prepare to drink the whole bottle." Now is a great time to remind everyone, please drink responsibly. 

Order now, before I take it all home.

– Ashtin Berry, Sommelier & Hospitality Activist
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