Luís Pato, Espumante Sparkling Rosé MV

Baga|Bairrada, Portugal

Say it with us: BAGA!

One of our favorite Portuguese grapes to drink and to pronounce, Baga is indigenous to Bairrada, a glittering, enchanting slice of Portugal just off the coast between Lisbon and Coimbra. Baga is a vital part of Bairrada’s wines, typically responsible for big, sturdy full-bodied reds with lots of tannin and extract. In Luis Pato’s hands, this sparkling (espumante) rosé is lively, crisp, and too much fun (especially for our price).

Full of verve and with a lively mousse, this sparkling rosé is made from 100% Baga, in a bright, approachable style. The nose shows pink flowers, cranberry, and an herbal edge, with bright acid and a snappy, bracing finish.

Today Luís is known for forward-looking, well crafted wines of unmistakable provenance, but he’s also regarded as one of the most important people responsible for bringing Portuguese wine to the fore. For decades, Portuguese wine was produced with more of a “quantity over quality” mindset until their entry into the E.U. in 1986, when investment and modernization meant renewed interest and growth in their vibrant vinous culture. Luís’s father João founded the winery in 1980 and was the first in the region to make “estate” bottlings, wine from solely his own vineyards. (At the time, it was all co-op and large-production wines bought from a multitude of farmers.) Fast forward to today and we can thank winemakers like Pato for introducing us to Portuguese wine.

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