Lisandro "Lancella" Pallagrello Bianco 2014

Pallagrello Bianco|Campania, Italy

Cantina Lisandro’s story begins over 110 years ago when Lisandro Fusco, known affectionately as Don Lisandro, founded the estate and dedicated himself to preserving the traditional grapes of Campania, some of which you simply won’t see anywhere else in the world. 

This amazing white wine is made from 100% Pallagrello Bianco, a grape few have heard of and even fewer cultivate. Cantina Lisandro is one of only a handful of estates working with the grape; it nearly fell into obscurity during the mid-twentieth century and just found a resurgence in the late 1990s thanks to Cantina Lisandro and others in the region. They farm less than ten hectares of grapes at their cantina.

The high density volcanic and limestone soils provide an aromatic lift and bracing acidity in classic Italian style. Even at six years old it’s amazingly fresh, with Meyer lemon peel, white flowers, peach pit, and a smoky volcanic-mineral tang. Do like we did and serve up some pasta carbonara with pancetta, parsley, and garlic and you’ll be in heaven!

Today the cantina is run by Rosa and Almerigo Bosco. Rosa is Don Lisandro’s granddaughter; she and her husband Almerigo left careers in finance and management in 2007 to return to their roots, so to speak, on the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the estate three generations past!

In Rosa’s words, their wines are “hyper-local” expressions of the bucolic estate in Terre del Volturno, Campania. Whoever said white wines couldn’t age never experienced such a lovely, rare creation as this.

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