• Leah Jørgenson "Blanc de Cabernet Franc" Mae's Vineyard 2018

Leah Jørgenson "Blanc de Cabernet Franc" Mae's Vineyard 2018

Cabernet Franc|Applegate Valley, OR

We're over the moon for the wines of Leah Jørgensen, a master of Loire Valley-style wines in southern Oregon.

Cabernet Franc is the signature red of the Loire, yet you've probably never encountered a white wine from this grape! She presses the clear juice quickly off of the skins, thereby picking up no red hue in the final wine. One can, however, see a faint "kiss" of Cab Franc gold in the glass, accompanied by vivid candied apple, watermelon, and green floral notes. She's somehow managed to invisibly capture the aromatic profile of Cab Franc in this white wine, rendering a dry, saline, Thai-lime edged finish.

Mae's Vineyard is  hands-down one of the most important organic vineyards in southern Oregon and is certified via L.I.V.E. (Low Impact Viticulture + Enology) and Salmon Safe, both important designations in Oregon farming.

Break this out at your next dinner party to blow some minds – it's natural as can be, delicious, bright and juicy. Cheers!

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