• Las Jaras Limited Six-Pack

Las Jaras Limited Six-Pack

Donating 100% Of Profits to Black Mental Health

Y'all loved this collab so much the first time we said, why don't we go ahead and run it back. RadXC x Prologue presents the Holiday Pack featuring three beautiful wines from Las Jaras made in Mendocino County, California.  Supporting our California wineries is more important than ever after the devastation of multiple fires, and this collab allows us to support two initiatives with one purchase. 


We are starting this pack off as every celebration should with a pop and a fizz. The label is giving us new-age disco vibes, so save the carols for dinner and press play. Our gatherings might have to be untraditional this year, but they certainly don't have to be boring. Made of 97% Carignan, this noir grape leaves the tannins behind to provide you with soft red fruit, hints of cranberry, fresh raspberries, and a touch of cinnamon. It's the spice that makes this perfect for dancing, pairing with charcuterie, or both.


This Beaujolais Nouveau-style wine does not disappoint and adds an unexpected new world twist using Bonarda, a medium-bodied high-acid varietal. What we love about this Bonarda blend from Las Jaras is true to Nouveau style; carbonic maceration keeps the acidity intact while softening the tannins. Allowing the Zinfandel to do what it does best and provide great blackberry and plum fruit. This may be your first time trying this style, but like a Motown Christmas carol, I promise this Nou-New is better than the original. 


To round out this luscious box, we have the never-fail Glou Glou. I promise she doesn't disappoint with a red blend that takes fruit from different vineyards to give a rounded and layered drinking experience. You don't need to be a wine expert to find this really enjoyable, and that's what we love about it. The Zinfandel and Carignan-forward blend gives us acid, fruit, and tannins delivering a medium-bodied wine that goes with everything from Chinese food to the traditional American holiday spread. It's pairing proof, I promise, so now you have more time for the things that really matter, like celebrating that you made it through a hellish year. 

– Ashtin Berry, Sommelier & Hospitality Activist

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