Kurtatsch Blauburgunder 2018

Blauburgunder (Pinot Nero)|Alto-Adige, Italy

This is northern Italy, Alto-Adige to be specific, otherwise known as the Südtirol. Situated on the Austrian border, the region shares its language, cuisine, and wine styles but is incredibly unique. 

Blauburgunder is the synonym for Pinot Noir, AKA Pinot Nero; it's not uncommon to see this duality of languages on wine labels.

First, the soils here are a geologic mix of glacial deposits, limestone, clay, and gravel. Second, the extreme altitude of this mountainous region retains bright aromatics and acidity, yet traps the heat in to give ample ripening to the red grapes grown here.

Raspberry, bing cherry, tea leaf, subtle smoked cedar, and mint abound in this fresh, juicy Pinot. The finish is a joy –  juicier than the nose implies, with fleshy cherry and bright, clean acidity. Plump, refreshing high-altitude Pinot Noir at its best!

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