Hudson Ranch Aleatico 2018


Delicious, limited, epically-delicious white wine from the famous Hudson Ranch, plus the best price anywhere.

Lee Hudson is a household name – he founded the Hudson Ranch in 1981; it's been a working farm ever since. They use integrated and organic practices, including natural pest management, organic composting, on-site water recycling, and animal sanctuaries.

Just a few of the many high-end names sourcing from Hudson vineyards include Aubert, Kongsgaard, Kistler, Cakebread, Failla, Ramey...the list is literally too long to mention here.

The grape: Aleatico – it's actually a red grape, known mostly for making concentrated, aromatic red wines in Corsica and Italy. Hudson is one of the few to cultivate it in Carneros, where it thrives in the warm, arid Mediterranean-like clime. They press it quickly so as not to pick up much color, but they DO pick up all the aromatics and texture.

It's almost reminiscent of Chenin Blanc. Aromas of pear, jasmine, mineral oil, and honeysuckle, with a palate SO brisk and lively, bone-dry, almost electric, and exploding with lemon blossom, honeydew melon, and tangerine-peel goodness from the first sip. Truly a special wine, made for hot summer night sipping, paired with oysters or fried chickpea-cucumber salad with feta finished in a spicy, Tuscan olive oil. 

Only 120 cases were produced; most of it goes out to their mailing list and poured by-the-glass at the finest wine country restaurants. Our allotment of it is small, and at the best price to be found anywhere, no less.

This is a summer sipper that is born to go with food – it's the type of wine you get to the bottom of too easily and suddenly finds yourself opening a second in record time. We were able to snag just a few cases of this rare jewel, and offering free shipping on just four bottles

Free shipping on four bottles