• Andria's Gvino, "Khashmi" Saperavi 2019

Andria's Gvino, "Khashmi" Saperavi 2019

Saperavi|Republic of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia, bordered by the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, and Armenia, boasts some of the oldest winemaking history in the world. Stretching back some 8000 years, this ancient region is still known for making wine much as it was so many millennia ago, in underground qvevri – large clay pots buried in the earth.

Names for Andria, the winemaker's son, this is a beautiful example of Saperavi, Georgia's flagship native grape. Completely natural, farmed biodynamically, foot-stomped, and aged in traditional clay-pit qvevri, it shows a deep blue-black in the glass, continuing on with notes of cassis, tobacco leaf, espresso, and candied blue fruit. Fun fact: Saperavi is what's known as a teinturier grape, one of the rare types with red juice, unlike most wine grapes which have clear juice!

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