Kolfok Güterweg "Neckenmarkter" Blaufränkisch 2017

Blaufränkisch|Mittelburgenland, Austria

Everyone should have at least one really good Austrian Blaufränkisch in their life. If there’s one sentence about this offer we can leave you with, that’s it.

Stefan Wellanschitz, winemaker at Kolfok Güterweg, comes from a long line of Austrian farmers/winemakers. Descended from the Mittelburgenland region, he crafts a simply stunning red and a shining example of why Austrian Blaufränkisch stands tall among the finest in the world. Neckenmarkt, from which this Neckenmarkter comes, is a village in the east of Austria, part of the Mittelburgenland region just a stone’s throw from the Hungarian border. 

In the glass you’ll find a beautiful, deep crimson color and all the spicy, mulberry-laden aromas so typical to Blaufränkisch, accompanied by red and purple flowers, hibiscus, rosehips, black tea, and warm earth. The palate is fleshy but not flashy, with pepper-laden, grippy tannins to make it a perfect accompaniment for bigger foods. Think lamb burgers, grilled poblano peppers, or a simple grilled New York Strip steak.

If I had to classify Stefan’s style, it falls in the so-called “natural” category – which is simply to say that he uses native yeast to ferment in huge, old, 1200-liter oval barrels, organic practices in the vineyard, and minimal-to-no filtration at bottling, all with the goal of letting the terroir speak.

The label may be confusing to us westerners, but rest assured the contents found within are immediately approachable, classic, and undoubtedly a classic representation of the Blaufränkisch grape – one of the best I’ve had in a long time!

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