Guado al Melo, "Rute" Bolgheri Rosso 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot|Tuscany, Italy

Although the hills of Tuscany, around Chianti towards Florence,  are indeed drop-dead gorgeous, the stunning coastline is equally compelling and home to some truly outstanding wine. South of Livorno, the stretch of coastline known as the Maremma is home to the province and winemaking region of Bolgheri. So-called “international” varieties in the Bordeaux family have called this region home for centuries, with evidence of Cabernet in Tuscany dating to at least 1600, when it was called “Uva Francesca.”

Guado al Melo, led by wife-and-husband team Annalisa Motta and Michele Scienza, has been a working vineyard and winery since at least 1800, some 168 years before a famous Decanter Magazine tasting put the Bolgheri region on the world map. Today the estate is an to past tradition and the future of sustainability. The subterranean cellar carved from the hill enables natural climate control, and the surrounding flora were considered in its creation, using natural rainwater recapture and a minimal carbon footprint.

Their rosso “Rute” is composed of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot, echoing a classic “left-bank” style Bordeaux. In the cellar it’s given equally careful and royal treatment, raised in French barriques for 12 months and rested in bottle, unfiltered, for an additional year before release. The result is an intoxicating nose that marries Tuscan scrub with Bordeaux pedigree, showing sweet black plums, balsam,  bunches of fresh and dried wild herbs, sweet pipe tobacco, and savory baking spice. Already, the palate is silky, smooth, and integrated and completely opens up with an hour’s decanting. Lay it down for another 3-5 years, and you’ll be rewarded with even finer integration and polish.

Free shipping on only four bottles makes a wonderful addition to the cellar of any aficionado of Cabernet Sauvignon and classic Tuscan excellence. Cheers!

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Free shipping on four bottles