Weingut Groebe "Kirchspiel" GG Riesling 2017

Riesling | Rheinhessen, Germany

"What's Past is Prologue..."

Was the year 2017 significant to you? If you're looking to memorialize a life milestone, be it anniversary, birth, or wedding, a bottle of wine is a wonderful way to commemorate. A bottle can be opened every year, always providing a different experience as it evolves, deliciously marking the passage of time.

This is the idea behind the name of our humble business. A bottle of wine is a place in time – the past – yet its potential lies all in the future, and once opened savored in the present. 

And so, this "GG" Riesling from Weingut Groebe, founded in 1763, is a blue-chip white wine worthy of aging for another decade-plus. Take in the exotic white peach, chamomile flowers, fennel seed, melon, fusel oil, and intense minerality. A veritable garden of exotic and subtle flavors, with grip, a dry finish, and world-class terroir. "Kirchspiel" is a hallowed vineyard, shared by none other than Keller, producer of the most expensive and collectible Riesling in the world. Their 2017 "GG" Kirchspiel trades for $300+ (if you can find it!)

"GG" is the apotheosis of German Riesling. It stands for Grosses Gewächs – a designation that confers the equivalent of Grand Cru status on certain hallowed vineyard sites, produced by one of only 200 producers of a member-led organization, founded in 1910, that governs such wines. By law, a GG Riesling must be (1) absolutely bone-dry (not sweet!), (2) hand harvested, and (3) come from designated "Grand Cru" vineyards as listed on the label.

I could write paragraphs on this wine, this site, and the experience of drinking it. As one prominent reviewer of German wine notes, top Grosses Gewächs Riesling "captures the imagination as well as the salivary glands." I couldn't express it any better. A collectible addition to your cellar and a wine you can pass down to your children – drink now through 2035.

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