Grimm's Bluff Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara

If you're a fan of New Zealand-style Sauv Blanc, this is right up your alley!

Grimm's Bluff is in the Happy Canyon subdistrict of Santa Barbara, a cooler, niche site known more for Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet and this Sauvignon Blanc. It's both cooler, buffeted by coastal winds, and also a huge day-night temperature swing which gives ripeness but maintains freshness. Framed by mountains and perched among the cliffs, it's an idyllic, best-kept-secret wine paradise. 

They're one of the leaders of biodynamic farming in Santa Barbara – completely natural and organic. The sandy gravel soils are PERFECT for Sauv Blanc; their wine is heady and aromatic, with zingy acid, passionfruit, guava, mint, much in the nose. An incredibly invigorating, vibrating sense of minerality and long zippy finish. We love Sauv Blanc like this and think you will, too.

Some of vines used here are the fabled "musque" clones of Sauv Blanc, giving all of that lift and explosive aromatic bouquet.

You may read a lot about biodynamics on this site; it's a school of thought which takes into account organic farming principles, set to the lunar cycle, and an integrated, holistic approach to an ecosystem. Biodynamic agriculture looks at entire systems: which birds eat which pests; the plant life around a vineyard that supports diverse and beneficial ecology; naturally-derived treatments, such as herbal teas and tinctures which obviate the need for chemicals such as fungicides and pesticides.

Truly gorgeous stuff, all biodynamic and organic, and a great value for all the love that goes into their wines. Enjoy!

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