Grassl "Liberté" Glass

Swiss Precision Glassware

Grassl is a premium Swiss crystal glass producer, an indisputable industry leader whose wines are used as the "house" glass in the top tier wineries of the world. From the legendary Jacques Selosse to Jean-Luc Jamet, they all trust Grassl to best showcase their cuvées.

The "Liberté" is designed to be your "AP" glass: one "all-purpose" which can be used for any and every wine, every day, from California Cabernet to fine Champagne and everything in between. You have to feel it to believe. Perfectly weighted, subtle, and luxurious. Your wine deserves nothing less.

Swiss designed, each mouth-blown, lead-free crystal glass is handmade to exacting standards by artisans trained in the art of glassblowing. The proprietary process strengthens the crystal through multiple steps in the process

Each glass comes hand wrapped in its own protective shipping tube. Be sure to insure your package at checkout for extra protection. Free shipping on two glasses.

  • $65.00

Free shipping on two glasses