• Gostolai, "Frutos" Cannonau di Sardegna 2015

Gostolai, "Frutos" Cannonau di Sardegna 2015

Cannonau (Grenache)|Sardinia, Italy

When you visit the exotic island of Sardinia, chances are you'll make a stop in the seductive town of Oliena. Just a few kilometers from the ocean, the village is full of bustling trattorie (an Italian tavern) and hidden gem wine bars. Winemaker Tonino Arcadu of Gostolai holds court in Oliena, where he showcases his singularly aged examples of Cannonau, the Sardinian version of the versatile Grenache grape.

He started making wines in 1988 with the goal of valorizing not only his family vines but the terroir of Oliena itself. This bottling certainly distinguishes itself with a bright and lively ruby red hue and soft, elegant tannins. 

He shares our belief that wines with a bit of age on them shine best, and his "Frutos" Cannonau from 2015 is hitting that sweet spot. Lively red fruits, licorice, red cherries, and pink flowers seamlessly intertwine for a fresh take on the classic varietal. Pair with pizza, grilled kabobs or anything from the grill for delicious results!

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