Giuliano Corino "L'Insieme" Langhe Rosso 2011

Nebbiolo-Cabernet Blend|Langhe, Piedmont

Giuliano Corino's estate in La Morra, Barolo, is a family operation. The label may implicate Giuliano, but the women are very much in charge here.

In 1952, in the shadow of WWII, matriarch Celeste Corino settled the family in the seductive hamlet of La Morra, working as mezzadri – sharecroppers – farming grapes and other produce. Three generations later, Giuliano and Stefania Corino farm nine hectares of estate vineyards, turning out highly-respected wines, including today's unique, rare "L'Insieme." The blend is 40% Nebbiolo, 30% Barbera, and equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 

If you're a fan of Super-Tuscan reds look no further; consider this a Super-Piedmontese cousin. Every year they produce just 1000 bottles of this gem for the entire globe. We have a generous handful to share with you, at a killer price no less! 

The nose is classic Nebbiolo: earth and rose petals, with a bit of the other grapes coming into play. Thyme, sage, and blackcurrant, with wonderful mesquite and dried mushroom notes, licorice, cherry candy, and chalk. So much to enjoy!

The tart, chewy finish is long, with buttery-smooth burnished tannins. Tasted blind, it could easily be mistaken for an aged Gran Reserva Rioja.

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