Gérard Villet Arbois 1997

Chardonnay|Jura, France

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The husband-and-wife team of Gérard and Christine Villet trace their families' winemaking lineage here to 1908, a stunning unbroken century-plus of tradition. They converted to full organic farming in 1988 – long before it was fashionable or a part of the conversation about what we put into our bodies. As is customary in the Jura, their wines are barrel-fermented from 100% natural yeast.

This cuvée is topped up in barrel, preserving its freshness and brisk Chardonnay character, resulting in a less-oxidized style.

No doubt it has a deep, rich, and intense buttery nose of marzipan, braised apple, potpourri, and flint, but the palate is remarkably fresh and light on its feet – brisk with hints of green apple skin, almond, and lemon zest

It's an unheard-of value for a 23-year-old premium white; a red of the same prestige would cost twice as much. At the table, treat this wine as if it were a premium aged red: pair with braised pork shank, duck cassoulet, or tartiflette, a rich gratin of the local cow's milk reblochon cheese, potatoes, bacon lardons, and onion.

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