García Georgieva "Finca Cascorrales" Graciano 2014

Graciano | Castilla Y León, Spain

This wine is extremely limited and will sell out! We have also miraculously secured a few more bottles of their incredible, limited Ribera del Duero. Don't miss out on either!

Goyo Garcia Viadero, along with his wife Diana Semova Georgieva, are progressively-minded yet old-school adherents of the ancient way of making wine: stewarding old-vine plantings and growing them naturally, dry-farmed, and organically. Read on for more detail or just skip straight to getting what you can now – it will sell  out quickly!

At dizzying heights at 2800 feet elevation, the vines' landscape in Ribera del Duero looks as if it could be Mars. Each vine is head-trained, spaced up to three meters apart, dry-farmed, and yields only two bunches of grapes per vine. 

This is a rare old-vine parcel of Graciano, a notoriously fickle and late-ripening variety found mostly in Rioja. So fickle, in fact, that when farmers are asked if they like growing it their reply is, "Gracias, no."

This particular plot is technically in Ribera del Duero but can't be labelled as such as Graciano is not an "approved" grape for the region. No matter, because this wine stands on its own merits, designation or no.

This polished 2014 is showing supremely well but will easily continue to age for another two decades. Its nose is a slow burn, unfolding into pipe tobacco, cigar leaf, ripe and silky blackberry, tanned leather, and aromatic sweet spice – think nutmeg, star anise, and bay leaf, wrapped around a meaty, smoky, deep-black fruit core.

Where else can you find such a worthy addition to your collection for $55/bottle? This is why Spain continues to be the leader in robust, cellar-worthy natural reds on par with the finest in the world, at incredible values no less.

Decant this wine for at least an hour or two before enjoying if you drink now. Sensual, polished, refined, and rare; just an incredible find and available nowhere else.

Free shipping on three bottles; limit 6 bottles/person until sold out.

Free shipping on three bottles