• Weingut Fitz-Ritter "Dürkheimer Michelsberg" Grosses Gewächs Riesling 2005

Weingut Fitz-Ritter "Dürkheimer Michelsberg" Grosses Gewächs Riesling 2005

Riesling|Pfalz, Germany

German Riesling has an abundance of information on its label, if you know how to decipher them, making for one of the most stringent wine producing countries in the world, dedicated to quality and integrity throughout.

So we have this one-of-a-kind Grand Cru-equivalent dry Riesling from the fantastic 2005 vintage. Direct from the importer, you won't find this wine anywhere else in the world!

Grosses Gewächs – "G.G." for short –  is the apotheosis of German Riesling. It's a designation that confers the equivalent of Grand Cru status on certain hallowed vineyard sites, produced by one of only 200 producers of a member-led organization, founded in 1910, that governs such wines. By law, a G.G. Riesling must be (1) absolutely bone-dry (not sweet!), (2) hand harvested, and (3) come from designated "Grand Cru" vineyards as listed on the label.

This site, called "Dürkheimer Michelsberg," is in the Bad Dürkheim subregion of the Pfalz; it's a minuscule site with sandstone and clay-marl soils, which inarguably impart a lasting imprint on the finished wines. The Michelsberg vineyard is considered by most to be the finest site in Bad Dürkheim.

Every wine connoisseur should have at least one aged Riesling in their life. And at only $40 the cost of entry is ridiculously low for this bottle and such a grand experience.

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