• Frédéric Magnien Bourgogne Rouge 2018

Frédéric Magnien Bourgogne Rouge 2018

Pinot Noir|Burgundy, France

Five generations of the Magnien family have been producing classic Burgundy. The latest Magnien, Frédéric, returned to Burgundy after stints in Australia and California, where he worked with Josh Jensen at his famed Calera winery.

Natural winemaking processes are used throughout, exclusively producing wines from vineyards grown organically or biodynamically, according to the lunar cycle. The fermentations take place in a postmodern, old school blend of neutral barrel and terra cotta clay vessels – no flashy new oak or commercial yeasts anywhere.

This Bourgogne Rouge – 100% Pinot Noir – is, simply put, a beautiful wine. From the first pull of the cork is exudes ripe and fleshy red berry fruits with hints of darker blueberry. More often than not "natural" wine comes with a cloudy appearance, cider-y notes, and enough barnyard funk to make you scrunch your nose. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way – this perfectly aromatic, flowery, and ripe, juicy Bourgogne is evidence. A Pinot lover's dream that just happens to be good for you and the planet both.

And make no mistake: Burgundy has caught the attention of collectors the world over and, despite the pandemic, demand for its minuscule production has never been higher. It's not uncommon to find even these village-level Bourgogne commanding $50/bottle or more, making this sub-$30 natural Pinot Noir all the more enticing. 

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