• Francis Blanchet "Kriotine" Pouilly-Fumé 2019

Francis Blanchet "Kriotine" Pouilly-Fumé 2019

Sauvignon Blanc|Loire Valley

Luxuriate with us today in a smoky, organic, citrus infused Sauvignon Blanc that's all about terroir.

The appellation of Pouilly-Fumé lies just across the Loire river from its more famous cousin Sancerre; both regions are famed for their brisk, tangy whites made from Sauvignon Blanc. What makes Pouilly-Fumé so special is its unique soil: a mix of Kimmeridgian limestone flint-rich clay, called "silex." That flint imparts a singular impression of gunsmoke and peppery minerality – indeed "fumé" means "smoked" in French. 

Francis Blanchet, along with his son Mathieu, farms a mere 13.5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc vines in the hamlet Pouilly-sur-Loire. They separate each plot of land into its own unique bottling, named for the predominant soil in each. This "Kriotine" is a play on criots, the local name for the chalky-limestone in the vineyard. Remember: hundreds of millions of years ago this land was a warm, shallow tropical sea. Over the millennia those sea creatures fell to the seafloor and formed the limestone soils these vines grow in today. One can still see fossilized oyster shells and other remnants in this prehistoric terroir.

No wonder, then, that this crisp, pungent Sauvignon Blanc goes so well with fruits of the sea, cracked crab, or the tangy local Crottin de Chavignol goat cheese from the Loire Valley.

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