Ficomontanino "Terre del Fico" Chianti Riserva 2015

Sangiovese|Colli Senesi, Chianti

Soulful, polished and natural organic Chianti Riserva from the wonderful 2015 vintage! A world exclusive!

Ficomontanino is a third generation natural farm and winery, run by Maria Sole, a passionate grower dedicated to holistic, natural methods free from chemicals, artificial yeasts, or manipulation. As she puts it:

"Inspired by Fukuoka and Steiner, yet also keeping the virtuous classic tradition in mind, I began building an agricultural system where the vines live in the natural flora, together with other crops and animals."

This limited Riserva bottling is pure, classic Sangiovese, full of life, and completely natural. She makes incredibly small lots of this Riserva, using all-natural methods, spontaneous yeast, and zero manipulation. (She also grows a wide variety of other organic products: olive oil, asparagus, and fruits. Sweet black plum, crushed Italian herbs, currant, warm earth and spice – simply a fantastic, delicious Chianti. A great estate to visit someday, too...sigh.

Free shipping on only four bottles. Enjoy!


Free shipping on four bottles