• Feuerheerd's Colheita Port 1990

Feuerheerd's Colheita Port 1990

Traditional Blend|Porto, Portugal

Feuerheerd's is a Port house founded by the German merchant trader Dietrich Matthias Feuerheerd in 1815. At the time, Oporto was a major trading hub not only for Port but for livestock, fruit, timber, and textiles. The Feuerheerd estate was sold to another prominent Port house in 2010; this Colheita bottling represents some of the last of their heirloom family stock dating back to 1934.

Port styles fall into one of two categories: ruby and tawny. Ruby ports are aged for a short time (2-5 years) in tremendously large, old barrels, called pipes, then bottled. Tawny ports, however, spend the majority of their life aging in barrel. For example, a 20-Year Tawny Port will spend about twenty years maturing in wood before being bottled.

Most vintage-dated Port falls into the "ruby" category. A "Colheita" Port, however, is essentially a vintage-dated Tawny.

Feuerheerd's 1990 Colheita spent an incredible 30 years aging in wood before being bottled just last year. Because it has spent its entire life aging in large barrel, its exposure to oxygen renders a remarkable resilience and will stay fresh for up to a month once opened – if you have that much patience. Every sip brings new flavors. As savory as it is sweet, with intoxicating aromas of cocoa, sandalwood, vetiver, cardamom, butterscotch, grilled meat, and cigar. 

Whether you're giving as a birth-year gift, celebrating an anniversary or just in need of a unique libation, you won't find this incredible Port anywhere else. At less than $2.40 an ounce and free shipping on three, they will make a fine addition to your cellar!

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