Fedrizzi Cipriano "Teroldigo" 2015

Teroldego|Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

Ah, Teroldego, how we love you! A specialty of the mountainous Trentino-Alto Adige region in northern Italy, Teroldego is an ancient, robust red grape known for spicy, deeply colored wines. The delineated region – “Teroldego Rotaliano” – covers the broad, flat plain of the so-called Campo Rotaliano, a triangle-shaped expanse on the precipice of the Adige valley. Framed by rivers and mountains, this area traces the Tirol river and the border with Austria; the spectacular Via Alpina route winds its way through these mountains and connects eight alpine countries, making it one of the most spectacular hiking regions in the world.

Fedrici’s 2015 “Teroldigo” (another variation of the spelling) shows sappy and savory fruits of blackberry, boysenberry, campfire, and forest-y green herbs (think sage and and bay leaf). It’s one of those elusive Goldilocks bottles that’s “just right,” neither too light or over-extracted. The finish is dense, chewy, full of black forest fruits and hints of warm earthiness with nice gripping tannins and a spicy, fleshy finish. Go wild with this wine, and pair it with burgers, lamb chops, or any red-sauce dish you please.

Fedrizzi Cipriano is a five-generation estate run by Giovanni Fedrici, in Rotaliano amidst the hills of the Trentino region. Their first recorded vintage was in 1870 and, even then, they were widely celebrated as a masterful practitioner, not only of Teroldego but Pinot Grigio, Lagrein, and others.

Millennia ago, the Campo Rotaliano was a floodplain; floodwaters would seasonally overtake the banks, depositing alluvial river soils over hundreds of years over a prehistoric bed of sedimentary limestone. The resulting “cocktail” of distinct soil types is well-suited to the native Teroldego grape, transmitting a gravelly, biting mineral edge and seductive fruit extract to the blue-black wines it produces.

Historians postulate the name Teroldego comes from a version of “The Golden Tyrol,” both referencing the grape’s provenance (the nearby Tirol river) and its cherished place among the top culinary products of the region and its proud people. For a mere $18, this is an exemplary wine you can cherish any night of the week!

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